The Story Edge – 3 part series with Kevin Anderson

Join us for 3 engaging sessions with the talented Story and Marketing mastermind Kevin Anderson.

These interactive sessions will get you thinking ‘outside’ the box – Kevin has the ability to help you transform words in to engaging, captivating stories that will benefit your business and your mindset during this period of lockdown.

1) Managing your entrepreneurial mindset  (Tues 21st 2pm)

In the best of times, it can be hard to keep a positive and healthy mindset. There’s so much to do. So much to think about, and yes, so much to worry about. And, as you’ll be aware, these are far from being ‘the best of times’. In this session, Kev will share with you how he’s managed his own anxiety since launching his business in 2015.

2) Laying your communication foundations (Tues 28th April 2pm)

How we show up in the world says a lot about us and our business. Like it or not, much of those first impressions happen when you’re not there. That means how you show up online is really important. In this session, Kev will share with you his advice on some of the most important communication foundations you can create for your business.

3) Telling your true stories well (Tues 5th May 2pm)

Telling your stories can help people really get who you are, what you do and the difference you can make to them. While some people are more natural storytellers, Kev believes that storytelling is a skill that anyone can develop. In this session, Kev will introduce you to three key stories that every entrepreneur should get comfortable with telling.

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