Can we really do it all? Wear With Grace founder tells us how she’s making her business and studies a success!

Recently, our WBS Marketing Assistant Shonagh interviewed Laura from Wear With Grace, asking her how she balances her time between studying jewellery at college and running her business.


Hello Laura, it’s fantastic to have you here on the WBS blog. I really would love to learn more about you and your brand. What made you start making jewellery?

It’s sounds so cliché, but I’ve always wanted to make jewellery. I’ve even had Wear With Grace as a brand name for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a real love of design and I’d applied to do a NQ in Jewellery at 16 but I decided to stay in school. I ended up going to study theatre at university, specialising in set design. Once I graduated I spent three years travelling and when I returned to the UK I knew that theatre wasn’t where I wanted to begin my career. I considered a masters in curation or going to do a foundation year to explore other creative mediums when my mum bought me a block of evening classes at the Central Scotland School of Jewellery and the rest is history.

What’s an assumption people make when they learn that you’re a jeweller?

That I can fix everything! I get repair requests all the time.

What’s the inspiration behind your work? What brands or fashion icons do you look up to?

I take a lot of my inspiration from my theatre background. Jewellery plays a part in the version of yourself you choose to put out into the world, it’s very theatrical. I find that so inspiring, the idea influences not only my designs but also my product photography and marketing. I’m also take lots of inspiration my surroundings. In all my travelling I’ve not found anywhere that matches Scotland’s landscape. I find it endlessly inspiring.

If you have not stumbled upon the work of Ruby Jack then I’d absolutely recommend, not only is her work absolutely gorgeous but I love the way she runs her brand. I’d definitely say I look up to her! Another is fellow WBS member Sam of isolated heroes. I’d recently watched the isolated heroes studio tour as part of Sam’s Tea Green Takeover and it’s hard not to be motivated by seeing it all in action behind the scenes.

We heard that you’re running your business AND going to college, what are you studying and how do you manage to keep up with both commitments?

Hah, yes I am studying and running Wear With Grace! I began my HND in Jewellery & Arts Technology at Glasgow City College in August of this year. I’ve worked so hard since launching Wear With Grace and I have laid the foundations for my little business, however I really want to develop my skills as a jeweller and It felt like the right time to do this. As I grow, so does Wear With Grace and I love that my brand is developing as my skills do! How I manage the two? Passion, determination and discipline. I’m not going to lie, I don’t have a huge amount of time off at the moment but because I love what I do so much it never feels like a chore? Sure I have moments when I wonder what sort of mad woman I am to take on so much, but the end result is always amazing. The more I do, the more I know I can do!

You were with us for the St. James Quarter Sook Pop-Up and we got to see your amazing pieces upon the ‘Great Wall of Hoops’ as we called it. Have you been to many pop-up’s since?

Where can we see you next? I absolutely loved popping up at Sook Spaces in the St James Quarter. It really felt like a landmark moment for Wear With Grace! I’ve done a couple of pop-up’s and markets since. Most recently I was at the V&A festive design market with Tea Green Events (another landmark moment!)

If you want to catch me before Christmas I’ll be heading back home to Comrie for the late night shopping event on the 2nd of December, 5-8pm in my old studio space. 34 Drummond Street, Comrie.

I’ll also be at the WASP’s studio festive market at the Briggait, Glasgow, 10-4pm Sat 11th & Sunday 12th December.

If you can’t make it to any of these, my online shop is fully stocked or you can pick up a pair from one of my many stockists that are dotted all over Scotland!


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