Ali’s journey so far at Women’s Business Station

Hi! I’m Ali and I’m one of the newest additions to Women’s Business Station! So far, I love the fast-paced work ethic and fun enthusiasm from the team. I love the work we are doing as a non-profit. I feel more confident with myself and my abilities, with a sense to be able to accomplish more.  

After my interview I knew this was a job and environment I wanted to be in. I learned so much within the first few weeks and began to build my confidence within my placement and working closely with Abigail, Marketing and Communications Manager here at WBS. The Bauble of Hope Campaign was the first big project I worked on, getting very hands on with the photo and video content. I felt like I was given a lot of room to use my skills and show off what I can do. I designed the “Aspiring Women” logo as a side project. And nearing the end of December I worked on the “End of Year Wrap Up” Video.  

In a short time, WBS has been a big steppingstone for my professional journey and cannot wait to see how much further the company can take me. I’m currently looking into different training I can do to improve my experience further. 

How did I find the job? 

I explored the job market for a little while before eventually landing a position in Databasing and Ecommerce. After a few months, I realised it wasn’t the career for me and soon after, I found Woman’s Business Station through the Kickstart scheme when my job coach Amy suggested it to me. The Kickstarter Scheme is for young people between 18-to 25-year-old, to help them gain skills and training in working environments over the course of six months. It wasn’t long before I received an interview. I was nervous at first but loved the warm, welcoming energy I received from Abigail and Michelle in the interview.  

A little about my background 

I took an interest in website and digital design in my early teens, teaching myself HTML and starting my path of becoming a digital artist. After leaving high school, I spent some time in Dundee & Angus Chambers of Commerce for work experience before attending college that same year.  

I took a break from studies in the of summer of 2016 and reattended in 2017. I studied at Gardyne College for the next four years. Starting with Computing and Games Development, transitioning into Web Design and Development for my HNC and graduated with a HND earlier in 2021. While also doing some freelance and commissioned digital artwork over that time. 

I felt as if I was given a warm welcome into the team within the first few days and felt very supported which was a large contrast from some of the previous jobs I have had.  

The team have said I’m a great asset and I hope to continue learning and using my skills to help the team and the WBS community. 

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