Are you using Tik Tok or Instagram to market products?

WBS Community & Business Network Member, Alan Rae, Copyright Specialist of his own company C HERE has shared an interesting article around advertising on Tik Tok and Instagram.

Sharing the following article from, Alan explained to us that “The Advertising Standards Authority are picking up on a good number of posts that aren’t being properly identified as advertisements – this is a requirement so that users aren’t misled about the post”.

In the latest article from, the outlined how a recent TikTok Post featuring Pretty Little Thing clothing was not obviously identifiable as an advertisement.

The article said; The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that a TikTok video posted by The Wave House was in breach of the CAP Code as it was not obviously identifiable to consumers as a marketing communication. The post featured women’s jackets embroidered with the writing “Pretty Little Thing”. It was intended as an advertisement. Although were tagged in the post, the ASA found that it was not obvious that the post was intended as a marketing communication. In particular, it did not contain the hashtag #Ad. The Wave House said that this had been mistakenly omitted. They removed the offending post.


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