Broughty Ferry’s newest shop Coorie has ‘Scotland only’ stock policy

Women’s Business Station ‘Growing Your Business’ Member, Daniela Mather is  opening a new Broughty Ferry shop this weekend and is imposing a ‘Scotland only’ stock policy.

The guiding principal behind Coorie is that if it’s not Scottish and made by a small producer then it’s not coming in.

Owner Daniela Mather and owner of Spice Harmony has taken inspiration from the farmers’ markets she has attended with her homemade chutneys for the last two years.

She had not been looking to open a shop – but when she went inside the Brook Street premises she had a vision.

“The shop had been empty since March but one day when I passed, as tradesman was inside”, she recalled.

“I hadn’t been looking for a shop but he invited me in to have a look. As soon as I entered the shop I knew exactly what I wanted to do – I could see it”.

“I went home to my husband and said ‘David, I will open a shop’. Half an hour later, the shop was mine”.

The premises sits beside Willow’s Cafe and opposite Gracie’s and will open tomorrow (Saturday 10th April, 2021). It will sell a mixture of Scottish foods, furniture and candles. Taking pride of place will be Daniela’s own chutneys under the Spice Harmony brand, influenced by her East German heritage.

The name of the shop, Coorie, is a Scots word that means to nestle or snuggle. Daniela said this reflects the feel she wants for the shop.

“I love Scotland and I think we produce great products”, she said.

“I want to champion small producers like the ones I know from farmers markets. It is products only from Scottish producers and only small businesses. It won’t be products you can find in Sainsbury’s or Tesco”.

“We don’t need olive oil from Greece, we have the best Rapeseed oil here. I don’t need to sell from other countries. The shop will have some great artisan food producers – smoked salmon, cheese and charcuterie, chutney, jams and jelly as well as homeware, candles and upcycled furniture”.

Daniela received the keys in November and held a pop-up shop to sell her Chutney’s before Christmas. This year the premises which used to be a hairdressers has undergone a full refurbishment.

The curiosity from locals has been so intense that Daniela put curtains over the windows as it has been prepared. She said the shop would be a real family affair. Her sons Euan, 15 and Aidan, 11, are helping to promote the shops by giving out free gifts at the opening.

“We were encouraged last year by people saying my pop-up shop was what Broughty Ferry needed”, she added.

“I am nervous ahead of Saturday as I want everything to be perfect, it is a big step”.  We are giving away gift bags with some of my chutneys and my husband will be helping in the shop. We are all really excited and it’s more fun than real work”.

Spending time in the shop and running out of chutney is not an immediate concern. Daniela cooked 3,500 in January and February to be sure to have enough stock.

She cooks chutneys in old jelly pans, one is over 100 years old and was owned by her husbands great- grandmother.

To find out more about Coorie, visit their Facebook page or find them on Brook Street, Broughty Ferry!


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