FasTRACK to Business Success, Community Engagement Programme

The FasTRACK to Business Success is a trail blazing programme, designed and created by WBS that is proven to directly engage with and bring you closer to your community.

You can bring this amazing course to YOUR community and actively support local people to start, grow and stay in business.


‘ Businesses thrive when communities prosper’

Make this one of your CSR commitments, Get in touch for more details!


What can you expect from this One Week and One Day- Intensive Business Course


This FasTRACK Start-up Business programme is designed to make a business vision become a reality . This ‘one week and a day’ programme  gives each participant the opportunity to learn the key principles of business that will inspire and encourage positive action.


No two days are the same; the participant will learn from experienced business owners/experts and be introduced to local businesses and support organisations.  Each day is hosted in a different venue, bringing more connections and opportunities.


At the end of the course the participant will understand the basic principles needed in business to succeed. They will receive practical tools and links to further support and advice.  What more each participant will  have identified their main business support needs which they will ‘pitch’ to a Support Panel of business Experts, who are keen to help them take their next steps.


Next steps, get in touch to discuss how you can bring this to your local area!