FasTRACK to Business Success, Community Engagement Programme

The FasTRACK to Business Success is a trail blazing programme, designed and created by WBS that is proven to directly engage with and bring you closer to your community.

You can bring this amazing course to YOUR community and actively support local people to start, grow and stay in business.


‘ Businesses thrive when communities prosper’

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What can you expect from this One Week and One Day- Intensive Business Course


This FasTRACK Start-up Business programme is designed to make a business vision become a reality . This ‘one week and a day’ programme  gives each participant the opportunity to learn the key principles of business that will inspire and encourage positive action.


No two days are the same; the participant will learn from experienced business owners/experts and be introduced to local businesses and support organisations.  Each day is hosted in a different venue, bringing more connections and opportunities.


At the end of the course the participant will understand the basic principles needed in business to succeed. They will receive practical tools and links to further support and advice.  What more each participant will  have identified their main business support needs which they will ‘pitch’ to a Support Panel of business Experts, who are keen to help them take their next steps.


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  • I enrolled on the coca-cola 5by20 programme because after a 32-year career working in the broadcast industry I wanted to pursue the dream of having my own training business. The week-long fast track was an amazing experience. It was great to have lectures on marketing, finance, social media and also be introduced to people who were offering help. And it was comforting  to know they were there to support us  going forward.  Also, the structure of the programme worked really well for me. I had a week of really digging deep into what I was about and trying to achieve. At no time had I until now really explored in depth what my usp was and how to best communicate it. Working towards the pitch at the end really brought a level of focus I may not have had in otherwise.

    In my experience of personal coaching, it’s a lack of confidence which is one of the main things that holds women back. Angie Foreman is the antidote to that. She is a juggernaut of empowerment.  She has an amazing ability to reach into every individual on the course find the seed of confidence and hot house it over the course of the week. I watched as delegates stood taller, shoulders broader and smiles got wider. Angie enables women to  be their best selves.

    When I think of women starting their own business, I have tended to think of young or slightly older women.  There were a number of women like myself on the course who were in a higher age bracket.  The reality of society now is that we are living longer and we want our older citizens to continue contributing and giving of their knowledge and experience.

    A number  of studies of people working past retirement age have shown that it is associated with better health and a reduced risk of dementia.  Doing the job you have always done may not be an option in later life. I couldn’t carry on being a sound recordist because it’s just too physical. Also, increasingly people are finding that with better health in later life they have the chance of having two careers  allowing one to bring knowledge and experience to the second. Giving older people the chance of starting their own business may well be opportunity to realise a long held dream which for a number of reasons ,having kids or caring for aged parents,  was not possible.  Starting a business at the age of 55 may potentially give someone 15 years of active working  life and a continuing contribution to society. I don’t think we need a study to tell us that doing something you are passionate about  which gets you bouncing out of bed in the morning can only be a healthy thing.

    With that in mind, I think the coca-cola programme could almost be deemed to be a public service. It allows older women to realise a dream, confers health benefits and enables citizens to remain contributing, tax paying members of society for longer. I cannot thank Angie and the programme enough for the encouragement and tools to help me realise a long held dream.

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    Dorothy C Le Grove , Le Grove Training
  • The Coca-Cola 5by20 Fast Track programme has been one of the most positive experiences within my career. In a world where people are focused on what it takes to get by day-to-day for themselves, the course offered all 12 of us taking part to look at all the varying aspects of business from a personal point of view but also encouraged great teamwork and compassion for other women within their own business. I’ve encountered many instances where women see one another as competition and are reluctant to help others but this is where the course is unique and can only be successful through the amazing network that we have started and will continue to develop.  Never before have I experienced such a positive and empowering atmosphere and environment.

    The support panel offered many forms of help and assistance and we have a great starting point from which to start/grow our businesses according to the stage each individual is at.  To be connected with experts in various areas is invaluable and I have already begun to make contact with the panel who offered assistance in order to grow my business.  Again, the support from the panel has been fantastic from a personal perspective but I’m also aware that others feel the same.

    Overall, I can’t praise the set up of the 5by20 programme enough and I truly believe that the course has been the boost I needed to grow and expand my business.

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    Hayley, Racquet Buddies
  • I have to say I found the course quite life changing; I didn’t just learn about business but about myself and at 50 + I didn’t think there was much else to learn.

    I’m so grateful that I got the opportunity to meet such amazing women – I know we will continue to care for and support each other as our lives and businesses grow and develop. I feel I’m now part of the 5 by 20 family; a family that has each others’ best interests at heart and wishes to promote and celebrate women’s achievements.

    This culture of togetherness, kindness and support doesn’t just happen, it has been created by Angie and Lauren who, through their generosity of spirit are a real inspiration. I’ve learned so much from them not least of all that business can be kind and fun as well as challenging and that being challenged is a good thing.

    I would like to thank speakers, panellists and ex Fast Trackers who supported the course and offered their time, knowledge and expertise. Whether or not we were just starting out, well established or growing, the learning at every level was informative, interesting and relevant. I’m already putting that learning into practice as I review and plan for the future of my business.

    The offers of support following the Pitch have been incredible – this makes it very different to any other course I’ve attended. The last day of the course doesn’t feel like the end, rather the beginning of the next step of your journey. We’re now all connected not only  to each but to a wider business community.

    I am now a firm advocate of 5 by 20. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity. Angie said at the start of the course that often we’re so busy working in the business that we forget to work on the business. I’m now very much working on my business.

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    Michelle, Balhungie Farm
  • I attended the Cocacola5by20  course a few weeks ago and it was an amazing experience. I had heard of the course through Angie and some of the ladies who had been part of it. All of them were so enthusiastic and really encouraged me to go on the course. As I had been self- employed for quite some time, I was a little unsure in case it was more for those starting up their business, but found that there were quite a few of us hoping to expand our businesses.

    The course was an amazing bonding experience. We all had different kinds of businesses, but we found we all had the same link – a passion for what our business was about. Angie has created an amazing opportunity for women to learn, to grow, to share and to become the amazing women we perhaps didn’t believe we are. She has a very special talent in being able to encourage, guide and support every single person and to do it with humour and fun.

    The Pitch in front of the panel was very worthwhile, not least in stretching ourselves to showcase our talents. I felt very supported by the whole experience and know that it was one of these times in life you know you have taken a huge step forward. Thank you!”

    Alison Strandberg
  • I joined the programme to find direction in my business. I not only found this but also a great bunch of inspiration women willing to share their experiences and knowledge in all aspects of business and life! Although all having different businesses it was refreshing to find out we all have the same challenges and had this safe space to discuss our ideas and vision.  It was empowering. I now feel more confident with the business toolkit I’ve taken away from the workshops but more importantly, I don’t feel alone. I’ve been introduced to a huge network of people from all types of businesses and feel I have a support network for help and advice for the future.

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    Kelly McIntyre, Photography and Video
  • I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Fast Track course. As a therapist, I confess that the business side of work never enthralled me. It came under the heading of stuff that HAD to get done as opposed to stuff I really enjoy doing (my therapy work).

    Well, this course has taught me that business can actually be fun. There was a really supportive, enthusiastic, non-judgemental atmosphere and a lot of input from people in business, who were generous in sharing their time and knowledge with us.

    A lot of thought, planning and hard work has obviously gone into making the course such a thought-provoking, stimulating and enjoyable experience.  Angie is to be congratulated on her vision, determination and committment to helping women navigate the business world confidently and Lauren is to be congratulated on her efficiency in keeping things running smoothly behind scenes: the two of you make a great team!

    I met a lot of really nice people on the course and came away with a very different attitude to the business side of my work. I now realise the importance of being very clear about the framework I want for my practice and the direction I want to follow.  The importance of preparation and planning in achieving success and not being afraid of making mistakes (although hopefully not too many) have been valuable “take homes” from the course.

    I have no hesitation in recommending this course to women starting up in business or perhaps encountering challenges in their established business and I hope it will be available for many years to come.

    Lois Radmer
  • Wow, what a journey! The Coca Cola fast track programme is not just a course, but a unique learning experience which has boosted my confidence and given me the focus to not just be a hobby but a proper business. It wasn’t just sitting in a classroom and got told things, we were given tools to enable each business owner to do an in-depth exploration of their business. For instance, the business model canvass, which I had never heard of, really helped me to see more clearly what I was trying to achieve.

    What made it extra special was the help and support of the other women on the course who predominantly were at a similar stage in their businesses. I found that really helpful and supportive.

    The instructors were really kind and approachable and the offers of help at the end from the panelists was a real confidence boost. Knowing that after the course was finished, I could call on mentors and specialists who were really reassuring.

    The course ran really smoothly due to the organisational skills of Angie and Lauren. They worked so hard to make sure everything worked and nothing was too much trouble. They are both  SO enthusiastic and supportive, I’m sure I will never experience such a useful course again’

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    Rhona Neil
  • I have worked for more than 25 years in the field of personal and group development which included project development, design, facilitation and training.  I have specifically sought to work in a range of contexts to build a  portfolio of development skills that bring value to organisations and teams. Client groups  range from young single homeless to third sector and international corporate clients.

    In the last 5 years I have focussed on developing skills in organizational development, innovation and design thinking and working as an Innovation consultant within a large third sector group. I am building a small external client base but I really wanted to develop my work into a consultancy business. Feeling like I lacked the confidence in my ability to communicate, market and position my service I have hesitated for more than 2 years.

    Coca-cola 5by20 gave me a massive opportunity to develop my portfolio of skills into a  marketable service.

    I undertook the Fast Track course and it was fantastic.

    We had amazing and empowering experts working with us on our business skills, who gave up their time and made a huge commitment to supporting the women in this programme.

    The businesses who supported the programme with wonderful venues, advice and general good wishes, built our confidence in ourselves as business women and in the value of our products and services.


    We were supported personally by Angie Foreman who sets an ethos of authentic, collaboration and support. She acts as a role model that, enabling the creation of  a supportive and cohesive group of passionate, intelligent business women.

    The panel also drew on previous 5by20 ladies and you can see that this ethos travels though all the women who have undertaken this programme. The support, enthusiasm, commitment and passion evidenced by all the supporters of the programme has been amazing and helps make all the participants feel totally empowered to succeed.

    The programme works more than to just teach business skill. It helps develop empowered women with the values that build great, compassionate leaders who support each other in their endeavours, share their skills and experiences and help each other  towards developing as successful entrepreneurs.

    Esther Weinstein