Dilly Dream Launches their new collection!

Hello Megan, thank you so much for agreeing to this little interview! Firstly, introduce Dilly Dream! When did it all start?

Hey WBS! Dilly Dream is an adorable, Unisex and sustainable clothing brand! The idea came about the summer before my final year at university! Me and my mum were looking at the cute kids clothing in our local ASDA and thought ‘why don’t they make these in adult sizes’. We started drawing designs for a line of adults’ clothes that were just as cute as the kids clothes, we even got the samples of Care Bear fabrics from a local fabric shop. However, it got put aside as I started university. It wasn’t until last September, I’d been working freelance for some amazing brands here in Dundee, trying to work out my next step during COVID that my mum (and now business partner) suggested we tried to start the company! That was back in October 2021 and we have been growing ever since!

What are your brand values? What motivates you?

Our brand values are: Everything needs to be as sustainable as possible – we often use reclaimed fabrics, sustainable pattern cutting, sustainable printers and we use all our scraps to be zero waste. Everything needs to be cute – I learnt during the pandemic that I wanted to dress true to myself, and that is colourful and adorable!

We want to give back: We currently donate a percentage of our profits to Endometriosis UK and we hope to donate a percentage of future profits to the protection of Red Pandas (my favourite animal and the inspiration of our logo). It’s important to both of us to give back and try and leave the world better than what we started with.

Finally, to be fun and be ourselves. This brand is a true reflection of me, and my relationship with my mum, playful and colourful.

Who do you make clothes for? Do you have a specific audience?

We make clothes for all people who want to dress fun, though we tend to target all genders between 15 – 30. We don’t discriminate though, our customers are all ages and all genders, if you want to dress fun and colourful then we want you!

Well done on your newest launch! These pieces are fantastic – what was your thought process behind this collection?

It was important to us to have clothes specifically made for Spring and Summer. I love a summer dress, and our current collections don’t have skirts or dresses of any kind so we definitely wanted that option for our customers. I wanted a rainbow option, as the brand is so colourful and the stuff of dreams and I always associate rainbows with that. I am also part of the LGBT+ community, and our brand is so much about empowering people, no matter who they are, to wear what makes them happy. I feel like our skirt and top is a good nod to that. It’s cool, modern and it can be worn day or night.

The rainbow detail continues to the dress, which has rainbow shirring in the back. The dress is my perfect princess dress.  It’s pink, frilly and has big puffy sleeves. It is also incredibly flattering to different bodies, which I love. I want everyone to feel beautiful in our clothes. It’s a very different mood to the top and skirt but I see them as two sides of the same coin for the brand. Both completely adorable!

The collection is made from deadstock fabric printed right here in Dundee, so these colour ways are limited edition, but it means we waste considerably less.

Where would you like to see Dilly Dream in the future?

My dream is to have Dilly Dream be international. I would like a shop here in Scotland, one in Japan and one in the USA. I already have a few customers in the USA but I would love to explore the Japanese market soon.

What advise would you give anybody trying to break into the industry?

We are a baby in terms of companies, so I would immediately warn people that you should always look to people with experience who are already succeeding at what you would like to do. I worked under Sam at Isolated Heroes for a while and found that watching her grow and succeed was incredibly inspiring. I also think it is important to learn and prepare before you start. I contacted other business owners, Business Gateway, Lawyers, Accountants etc to find out what I needed to do and how best to start. Contact anyone you know with skills that could be valuable to you, for my first shoot I outsourced to a good friend from university who runs her own photography collective and it turned out better than I could have ever done alone. People want to help you and support you and you should let them.


What ‘s the biggest challenge you have faced in your business?

Exposure. I know that we provide a beautiful and fun product that people want. I just need my customers to see me. I learned a little marketing at university, but I am mostly self-taught, so it has been an adventure working out what works and what doesn’t. On top of this, my business partner has her own very successful business, so it is just finding enough time in the day to do everything until we can take on some staff.

How have you used your WBS membership so far?

WBS has helped us in so many ways already and we only joined in November. They’ve helped us to find market spaces and currently we are looking for retailers. They have also helped for networking, as I said earlier, it is important to speak to others who are currently where you want to be, and I have met so many incredible businesswomen along the way. I am so excited to see what more we will achieve together!

We notice that on Instagram, you always share some photographs of cute red pandas. Thank you for this added cuteness to our IG grid, it’s definitely needed. Is that a panda in your logo? Tell us more about this!

I LOVE RED PANDAS! I am absolutely mad for them. I think they are everything that is happy, fun and good in this world. They bring out my inner child, so it only made sense to make them our logo. The conservation of red pandas is also incredibly important to me, I would love to create a red panda sanctuary one day, but until then we are aiming to donate a portion of our profits to help them. The world would be a sadder, darker place without those adorable fuzz balls and we must protect them at all costs. I also think that Mondays can be difficult, so I like to give something to our followers to make their Mondays a bit funnier, cuter and happier!

Collaboration is always key for brands, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Collaborations are important to me, and we are already considering them. However, we have a few dream ones: We would love to work with Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty, they are a big inspiration for me and I think they would be ideal for our customers. I am a massive fan of Snoopy too so a Peanuts collaboration would be excellent. In terms of brands, I would love to work with a knitwear brand or another brand that brings expertise that we don’t currently have. It would be incredible to work with someone like Lazy Oaf or Teddy Fresh too, as they are similar to us, but they are streetwear.

Where can be purchase Dilly Dream pieces? Have you got any pop-up shops coming up?

Dilly Dream can be purchased through our website (www.dillydream.co.uk) or social media (@dillydream_clothing)! It’s usually the best place to shop us as we can make the clothing more bespoke to your measurements and you can request additional sizing there, however we have a pop-up in The Overgate, Dundee on the 2nd and 3rd of April and one in the Kingsgate, Dunfermline the first weekend in May. The Pop-ups are good as we tend to offer a discount for our in-person customers, and we just love seeing all your big, adorable faces!

Thanks for speaking to us about Dilly Dream! I could honestly speak about it for hours, it truly is my passion project and we hope you love our dream as much as we do!

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