Dundee City Council support Women’s Business Station’s upcoming Aspiring Women programme

Dundee City Council support Women’s Business Station’s upcoming Aspiring Women programme 

(Pictured Robert Emmott, Executive Director of Corporate Services at Dundee City Council, Michelle De Almeida Operations Director of WBS and Councilor Lynne Short) 

Today, our Operations Director, Michelle De Almeida was presented with a cheque for £3k from Dundee City Council’s Common Good Fund by Councillor Lynne Short at the Caird Hall. 

These funds will be used to initially support fifty women over twenty life changing weeks during our upcoming Aspiring Women programme which aims to create positive pathways out of poverty for women in the Dundee community who have been adversely impacted by the pandemic. As our plans take shape we are really happy to see this support from the council and hope it is just the beginning. This fund will be used specifically to fund the on-site creche to enable more women to take part and remove one of the road blocks they face. 

Fairness and Equalities Spokesperson Councilor Lynne Short said: “It’s great to be able to award this money to the Women’s Business Station from the Common Good Fund.

“We know this past year has been incredible difficult for businesses and that is why this year’s Common Good Fund has had a particular focus on supporting organisations that have been impacted by Covid-19.

“The Women’s Business station focus on supporting women to realise their ambitions of moving into the world of entrepreneurship and being their own boss.

“Often for women childcare is a barrier. This funding will take that away.”

The first ten weeks of Aspiring Women programme is designed to support fifty women develop their confidence and self-esteem through participation in a twenty week programme of initial support & assessment and then a further ten week programme to enable progression to positive destinations. These destinations include enterprise, employment, work experience, volunteering and further education.  

The programme aims to engage with a culturally diverse range of women who have many road blocks on their path to success. The pilot will target and run within the Dundee City Council region with hopes to expand it beyond this region and into the wider community in 2021. 

The second section comprised of ten weeks covering ten relevant enterprise topics will be delivered in a style and method that captures creativity and imagination. Local female business owners and experts will be invited to share their journey and provide valuable insights. 

CEO Angie De Vos said: “We believe that empowering women is one of the smartest investments we can make. Financial independence gives women choices. It enables women to spend more on their families, drive growth in their economies and inspire others in their communities. I’m so pleased to see Dundee City Council support this programme. We clearly have an aligned vision and are striving towards the same goal out of poverty for many women in Dundee.”

Since 2017 Women’s Business Station have supported 477 women, with more than 160 starting their own business and an extraordinary 90% of businesses making it beyond their first two years. This is something we are so proud of and the Aspiring Women programme will help us reach new levels of support. 


For more information about supporting or getting involved as a participant in the Aspiring Women Programme, please 

contact our CEO directly: angie@businessstation.co.uk 


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