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The Power of Pulling together

New for 2020, Women’s Business Station (WBS) has launched a social investment offer that will add direct impact to your community and social strategy, whilst promoting your business and reputation within the community.

What is an Empowerment Partner?

An Empowerment Partner is a forward-thinking, innovative organisation offering a professional service which can benefit start-up businesses and those who are aiming for growth and increased productivity.

As an Empowerment Partner, you will work in partnership with WBS and our other Empowerment Partners to support the socio-economic empowerment of women in business.

Are you:

  • Willing to get actively involved in the development and delivery of our programmes?
  • Able to think ‘outside the box’?
  • Invested in your people and your community?
  • Committed to enhancing your Corporate Social Responsibility?
  • Willing to meet and connect with a wide range of individuals?
  • Willing to provide support to our members?

As part of our membership model, we are creating opportunities for a minimum of five businesses in our first year to join our movement as an Empowerment Partner. This involves a minimum of two years’ commitment in return for a socially impactful and commercially rewarding package. Your commitment will include a financial contribution, professional advice, training and active participation with our events.

For more information please contact – info@businessstation.co.uk.

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Empowerment Partners

  • Unicorn Property Group

    The Women’s Business Station is a wonderful concept, proven to work, and led by an extraordinary entrepreneur whose mission is to enable women to set up new enterprises and businesses.  In turn these enterprises will employ those in valuable and sustainable jobs in their local communities.  This effects real social change.

    Women’s Business Station ensures female entrepreneurs get the traction they need for their ambitions, which will translate into new wealth creation and employment in Scotland. Women’s Business Station will operate the headline Fast Track entrepreneurship programme which was proven to work so well in the Coca Cola 5by20 initiative.  In addition, Women’s Business Station will run other courses for budding entrepreneurs and outside training.  It is ambitious, innovative and impactful.

    I am delighted to be a supportive investor and advocate for Angie and the Women’s Business Station.

  • Carnoustie Golf Links

    At Carnoustie Golf Links we pride ourselves in leading the way by being innovative and inclusive. We watched The Women’s Business Station programme empower change and create economic benefit to the local community and believe our two organisations are great examples of businesses dedicated to making a difference and how collaboration can produce results.

    The core values shared by both The Women’s Business Station and Carnoustie Golf Links, are impactful and engage directly where it matters, at the heart of Scotland’s most exciting business region, Tayside.

  • MTC are one of Scotland’s fastest growing web development companies. The business is passionate about working with other ambitious Scottish companies and understands that a good digital strategy can be the difference between success and failure for any start-up in todays modern world. Working with Business Station we will have the opportunity to be introduced to a wide variety of start-ups in our local area and helping them on their journey to becoming both successful businesses in their own right as well as key future clients of MTC.

  • Lindsays

    Lindsays is delighted to join the Women’s Business Station as an empowerment partner and continue to support its work of giving female entrepreneurs the structure, know-how and inspiration to achieve success.  Lindsays started the journey with the Coca Cola 5 by 20 initiative and we have seen it grow and expand under Angie De Vos’ leadership.  The Women’s Business Station programmes, including the tried and tested FasTRACK model will extend and build on the achievements of 5 by 20; continuing to help women break out of traditional moulds and driving progress on obstacles such as underrepresentation at senior levels and the gender pay gap.  We are delighted to be involved and look forward to working closely with Angie and the team.