Women’s Business Station has always put YOU the person before your business.

It is our belief that you need to be ready, mentally prepared and supported so that your business can thrive.
We are now taking that a step further with our new Mindset Empowerment Partner Jamie McBrearty from YMindset.
Our partnership sees the launch of an Empowerment Programme powered by Mindset!


At YMindset, our vision is to improve the quality of lives across the world by improving the quality of thoughts in each person we coach.

We aim to inspire, educate, support, and empower individuals in business and in life. We do this via our own bespoke training programmes and through a unique partnership with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.  

Jamie McBrearty, owner of YMindset has over 20 years’ experience within education, business and sport as a manager, leader and coach. His experience in training business leaders, teachers, coaches, parents, sports clubs and grassroots to elite athletes not only on the theory of Mindset but implementing a range of tools, techniques and programmes and resources. 

A leading consultant with The Proctor Gallagher Institute, Led by the legendary Bob Proctor and his brilliant business partner Sandy Gallagher. 

The Proctor Gallagher Institute helps people get in touch with themselves—who they are, what they’re capable of and what they want in life. Jamie uses this material and products—all based on decades of research, study and application—to elevate people’s thoughts and bring their genius to the surface. 

Working alongside the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Jamie and YMindset dedicates itself to waking the world up! 

It has ambition to help everyone reach their potential and live the way they truly want to live – through shifting paradigms. 

We believe in everyone’s potential, whether that be individual or organisation. 


Our Empowerment Programme….for every member!

For The Curious

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Start Up Members receive “For The Curious” plus

Access to the weekly live posts via the Facebook private group “Women’s Business Station Network Stop”




Growth Membership receive “Start Up” plus

Access to a four part self development learning programme which is focused on understanding your values, goals and purpose! (valued at £199)



Community Membership

Receive bespoke support following a 30 minute 1-2-1 with a YMindset Coach.

Includes a range of courses and workshops for knowing yourself, leadership, mindset and more.



YMindset facilitate the Thinking into Results, Proctor Gallagher Institute programme available to all members following a 1-2-1 with Jamie (££££ cost per person)

Thinking Into Results is a program developed by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher. It is a one-of-a-kind system and comprehensive consultant-guided home study program designed to facilitate radical personal and professional results.

The Thinking Into Results Program guides you through a powerful 12 lesson process for creating your new, desired results. Each lesson builds upon the previous lesson. It is important to periodically review the program in its entirety for constant reinforcement of the ideas. It is through the repetition of the lessons that you will experience permanent changes.


Whatever stage you are at in your business or professional career our programme of courses will provide a greater understanding of yourself and your ability to be and achieve anything you set your mind to!


If you want to achieve MORE, not by doing more or trying harder but by working smarter would you?


Now you can, get in touch with our membership team for more details, take action!

Make a committed decision today to improve your life!