Entrepreneurs working in isolation are unlikely to survive the post-COVID business climate, according to a world leader in Economic Development.

As the full impact of COVID-19 begins to bite, with thousands of people facing redundancy across the country, Women’s Business Station has invited Dr Ernesto Sirolli to help ‘COVID-proof’ struggling entrepreneurs.  Dr Sirolli’s principles and teachings complement the aims and objectives of the social enterprise as it continues its mission to enhance the socio-economic empowerment of 10,000 women in Scotland by 2030.

As well as entrepreneurs, The Trinity of Management (ToM) online course will help established businesses in ‘recovery mode’ maximise the talent in their teams, teaching those working in academia, government, community and third sector organisations how to retain and invest in their most gifted people, contributing to business growth in the months and years ahead.

Over the last 30 years, Dr Sirolli has used his ‘Enterprise Facilitation’ model to launch over 40,000 enterprises in 250 communities across 25 countries.  A ‘bottom-up, not top-down’ approach to entrepreneurship, Enterprise Facilitation is based on the principle that communities and people hold the key to successful business enterprises, principles which Dr Sirolli believes Scotland could benefit from as it battles the post-COVID climate.  Since lockdown, Dr Sirolli and his team have supported businessmen and women across the world, from Italy and Mexico to Canada, Australia and Africa.

Hosted by Women’s Business Station and sponsored by Business Gateway, Dr Sirolli’s two-day course, the Trinity of Management BLAST will take place on the evenings of Monday 28 and Tuesday 29 September 2020.

Dr Sirolli said, “We ask people to reflect on what they love doing, when they started their business. Then we ask them what they are doing now!  We find entrepreneurs are trying to do everything. They have lost focus on what they love, what started their business journey in the first place and are instead grappling with product marketing and finance. People are unknowingly destroying their business as they’ve become caught up in work which they have no passion for and is not effective use of their talent and their time.

“In reality, a solitary entrepreneur will never succeed. The perception of an entrepreneur is in many ways fictitious because, to succeed, there is always a team behind that individual – the person behind the product, together with the marketing and finance support. These are generally three very different personalities and all three need to respect each other but cannot be the same person.  If you start trying to do all three, you’re diluting the product or service which you’re so passionate about, making today’s choppier waters even more dangerous to navigate.”

Trinity of Management helps entrepreneurs build that team, ensuring that the quality of the business is as strong as the quality and passion behind the product or service.  Using simple tools, delegates self-diagnose the challenges they are up against and learn to apply new business skills and tools.

Angie De Vos, Founder, Women’s Business Station said, “COVID-19 has presented huge challenges to us all but, during his career, Ernesto has unlocked the potential of thousands of entrepreneurs all over the world and his model can make a similar impact here.  As many businesses buckle up for ‘recovery’ mode, Ernesto will explain how we can champion community pride and maximise the skills and passion of the individuals living and working amongst us rather than simply taking advice – and often being knocked down. The principles of ToM very much echo what we do at Women’s Business Station so we can’t wait to see the effect his lessons have on the communities we support.”

A follow-up, two-day event, the Trinity of Management Deep Dive, will be held on Monday 16 and Tuesday 17 November 2020.  Tickets are available from £122.50-£300, with a discount for Women’s Business Station members. For more information, visit www.businessstation.co.uk

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