Getting to know our Enterprise Facilitator – Kate Mason

Kate, tell us a little about your role here at Women’s Business Station? 

I joined WBS 3 months ago as an “Enterprise Facilitator”.  Once new members have joined, they are offered three 1-2-1 sessions where we can take a deeper look at their business and in particular, highlight areas where the business might be stuck or need extra help.  It is a fantastic resource to really get to know our members and agree a series of steps whereby WBS can help them achieve their goals. 

Tell us a little bit about your career to date? 

My career spans around 25 years.  I started my business journey in London – right in the City.  My specialism was marketing however after 10 years I decided to move to Scotland where I started a family and five of my own businesses, so I have lots of experience in this area.  I’ve worked in the tourism sector for the past 20 years and have experienced the booms, the recessions and the pressures of Covid.  I have thoroughly enjoyed all my roles and my experiences that have led me to WBS. 

 Why did you decide to take on this role and what do you hope to get out of it? 

 After a very difficult personal experience, it was time for me to take a step out of my own business and offer others the help and guidance to enable their idea to come to life.  For me, the achievement will be seeing women feel they have bought an idea to life, seen their business grow or just feel supported and nurtured on their business journey. 

What does a 1-2-1 look like with you?  

Everyone is very different and initially we would meet and have an informal chat – coffee and cakes works well.  I would take a look at their business ideas mentioned when they meet with Lauren and often ask them to highlight 3 areas we can focus on – make these our starting point.  An hour seems to fly by, after this – I write up a summary email with some suggested next steps.  It works really well, when we can follow up a month or so later to see how ideas, training sessions etc have helped.  It is definitely the start of a journey together – I feel proud to be part of their bigger life plan and ultimately I’m there as a support. 

Do you tailor the 1-2-1’s to each individual? 

Always.  Everyone is different and that is what makes the role so interesting. 

Who is eligible for a 1-2-1 and how do they go about arranging one? 

All members are eligible.  I am really hoping to meet everyone over the coming year, even just to check in and say hello.  They can contact me directly at 

What do you think the benefits of attending one are for our members and at what stage of their business journey should they talk to you?  

I believe that a fresh pair of eyes is often a real help to a business owner.  There were many days when I was so involved in the day to day running that I became unaware of what was going in the outside world.  New learning, ideas, resources and support always helped me focus forward and also acknowledge how far how I had come. 

What tips would you give to recent graduates looking to set up their own business?  

Get online.  Attend all the webinars you can access and reach out for as much support as you can.  Every idea counts – and there really is a huge demand for young entrepreneurs. 


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