Innovation expert sets sights on boosting Scottish business

One of America’s top innovation experts has paid tribute to the willingness of Scots to be “open to learning in a new way” as he prepares to deliver a keynote speech at an event in Dundee next month.

Doug Hall, a former master marketing inventor at Proctor and Gamble, will introduce delegates to innovation engineering, a framework which enables people to work smarter, faster and with increased activity.Mr Hall described Scotland as a “unique country” where people are “interested in learning”.

He said: “Innovation engineering teaches the mindset and approach to win in the new world we are in.

“The days of going slow when change wasn’t big are gone.

“This event is about the evolution of how the world of business has changed and become a greater opportunity – there has never been a better time to have a business, it’s never been better.”

Mr Hall will inform about creating, communicating and commercialising new ideas, helping turn innovation from a random gamble into a reliable business system for repeatable success.

He will be speaking at The Enterprise Conversation, hosted by Women’s Business Station, which supports women on their business journey.

Mr Hall said there was more to innovation than the latest tech gadgets.

He added: “We have a vision that innovation is a shiny product, like the latest smartphone.

“But real innovation is creating efficiencies and innovation in business systems.”

Angie De Vos, chief executive, Women’s Business Station, added: “We are delighted to welcome Doug Hall to Dundee for what promises to be a truly inspirational event for anyone seeking to be more innovative or creative.”

The event takes place on March 9, at the Apex City Quay Hotel and Spa.

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