The Importance of keeping track of your analytics!  

Firstly, what are analytics and why are they important?  
“Analytics are the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data.” 
Analytics can be your user demographics such as your audiences’ location, their age, and interests. 
The most common and effective way to measure your analytics is by using Google’s free analytics platform, Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic, currently as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand. Google Analytics is a free to used platform. 
Without proper tracking of your analytics your marketing campaigns may not be as effective as they could be. Analytics and marketing go hand in hand. By viewing your analytics before and after any marketing campaign, this will provide you with insights into why the campaign went well or why it did not. With that information you can make informed decisions for your future campaigns to replicate success or avoid future mistakes. Analytics are vital for viewing these strengths and weaknesses in marketing campaigns and your business in general. 

So, what are some of the benefits of tracking your analytics? 

– Enhance your user experience
– Taking note what content does or doesn’t do well and being able to tailor you posts to what works.
– Knowing what audiences to target
– Seeing where most of your traffic comes from. Allowing you to focus on new marketing strategies that can increase your web traffic

What are the most important analytics in digital marketing? 

Traffic is useful in helping know how people are visiting you site and where from. There are multiple types of traffic, such as:

– Paid traffic – Premotion that you’ve paid for
– Organic traffic – This comes from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and typing in key terms
– Direct traffic – People who have actively searched for your page
– Social traffic – Traffic that comes from your social media pages
– Referral traffic – People who come to your site by clicking on a link on another website

Loading speed

Although it doesn’t seem especially important at first, your site’s loading speed is an essential part of your digital analytics. It could be the deciding factor in whether someone stays on your site for more than a minute. People are impatient and if a page takes more than 15 seconds to load its most likely they will leave.

Conversion is about turning your potential customers into paying customers. This is essential for ECommerce and Subscription based businesses that sell a product or service online. Knowing the conversion rate (number of visitors to customers) is particularly important and it is the goal to increase those chances of conversion in the future.

Bounce Rate
What is bounce rate and why is it important? It literally means, how many people bounce off your site without taking an action. E.g. Staying on the home page and leaving again. Tracking that kind of analytic is especially useful in helping you understand which pages on your webpage needs more “Call to Actions”, more content or a more user friendly layout to help with user experience.

What do your analytics look like and how can you utilise them?

Visitor Overview
This is an example of a years worth of visitors to the Woman’s Business Station website. Over the last year there was a total of 9,632 visitors to our website, with 13th July 2021, seeing 422 individual visitors on that particular day. This tells us that what was posted that day (or the day previous) our audience enjoyed and were extremely interested in finding out more about us or the topic that was covered. A big part of analytics is knowing where your traffic is coming from and knowing where your website was shared. Consider posting similar content as that is what your audience are interested in and are engaging with. 







User Behaviour 
From our user behaviour analysis, we can see that our homepage is our most viewed page. This makes sense as when we link our website anywhere, the homepage is the landing page. We can also see that people mostly want to see our events calendar and our membership models which is ideal. 

Although it doesn’t seem like much, demographics are a huge part of your analytics. These kinds of analytics will help you find your audience and who you should be advertising to. We use a lot of these analytics to create user personas and advertising basis. 

Demographics include your audience’s general location, age, and gender, what device they are using and even when browser they are using to search on. Even if this information seems small, it extremely helpful to know.

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