Derma T Aesthetics

Derma T Aesthetics

Derma T Aesthetics, a medical skin care and rejuvenation clinic, for both males and females, located on 21 Dock Street Dundee. Registered with Health improvement Scotland, all treatments are carried out by an advance aesthetics Nurse. Derma T offer services such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections as well medical skin care.

  • E-Vouchers

    E-Vouchers make the perfect Christmas Gift.

    Please message us to purchase on any of our social media platforms or email:

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  • Derma T Roller and HA Serum Duo


    The Derma T roller and HA serum duo is the perfect stocking filler!

    Message us to order!

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  • Teoxane 3D lip available in clinic


    Struggling for minute stocking filler ideas? I got you! Limited stock of the popular Teoxane 3D lip available in clinic.

    Formulated to plump, nourish and hydrate lips in- between clinic treatment, the 3D Lip contains microspheres of collagen and hyaluronic acid for immediate hydration and long-lasting plumping.

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