Love & Above

Love & Above

Love & Above has three distinct functions events, therapies and courses and authorship.

In the events area, health & wellbeing exhibitions are organised for every aspect of wellness.  In the therapies and courses area, alternative, complementary and holistic therapies and readings are offered, personal development sessions as well as courses and workshops within these topics to become practitioners.  In the author area, Debbie has co-authored seven books, has a submission in a scientific book and writes a monthly article on Meditation for a health & wellness magazine.

  • Annual Oracle Card Guidance


    This involves an in depth reading for the full year ahead.  The cards will show the path that you are currently going down and if you do not like what you see, you can change your path.  This guidance will involve 12 cards, one for each month of the year, and will allow you insights into what is happening within your life as well as solutions.  This is the ideal gift for a friend and the ideal time of the year to have this sort of guidance.

    This guidance can be given online, please contact me at to book.

  • Life Purpose Session


    Do you incorporate your life purpose into your life? Do you live a lifestyle where you are happy? If you answer no to either of these, perhaps it is time to revaluate your priorities. I offer a 1 hour brainstorming session with prompts to help you to realise what is important in your life, prepare it, plan it and how to get more into your life.

    If you are interested in a session with me, please e-mail me at to organise a day and time.