The Change Equation is an important guide for you both personally and as an integral part of the collective.

Individually it is designed to help you to recognise where you might have been blocked in the past and find a way to master your own relationship with change.

You will learn about how attachment causes harm as well as good, and how your beliefs are driving your actions in ways that will either make or break your commitment to change.

This is going to happen even if those beliefs are not your own but have been transferred to you by your family, society or other early influencers.

You will come face to face with conflict, both inner and outer and look at ways to overcome it, as well as getting honest with yourself about all the distractions that conveniently provide an excuse for you to avoid the inevitable.

You will examine the Ego, with the aim of making it your friend not your enemy, and address the fears that prevent you from moving forward.

You may even discover the alarming truth that over 95% of the things that you have been taught to fear and get stressed about and which fuel much of your behaviour, only exist in your thinking and never manifest in reality.

Finally, you will learn the most important truth, that only you can change you.
By fully embodying the principles in this book you will be better equipped to bring the most clear, pure and positive aspects of yourself into every facet of your life. Then, when you have discovered your own way to flourish, you will be in a much better place to lead others through change, and become a vital part of a much bigger collective transformation.

Ultimately the aim is for all of us to achieve our dreams by knowing how to master change and shift our hopes and dreams into the reality of manifestation.

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