Member Focus – Karyn Wallace of Everorganised

Our Marketing Assistant, Shonagh, sat down with one of our members Karyn, to discuss how she’s found running her own business, Everorganised! Haven’t heard of virtual assisting? Read below to hear all about it!

Hello Karyn, thanks so much for getting involved with this mini-series of case studies. Firstly, I’d love to know, what made you want to start your own business?

Being my own boss is something I have always dreamed of and now with the age of my children I felt this was the correct time to take the plunge & with the flexibility involved of not working a 9-5 I felt I could have a better work life balance and fit my work around the needs of my family. 

What does it mean to be a Virtual Assistant – what does a typical day look like for you with one of your clients? not many people would have heard of this before?

There’s never a typical day as a VA, I try to plan my week ahead every Friday and set out my daily planner for all my jobs I need to do for my clients and I really enjoy the flexibility as I can work from home, my client’s premises, my car or even the nearest coffee shop. Due to the nature of some of my client’s business, things can change rapidly & therefore my day will also change however I have that flexibility to allow me to adapt to any change.

What I really love is that if we have family commitments, appointments etc, I can work all this around my clients and my tasks. 

Where did you hear about Women’s Business Station?  What stage of your business journey were you at and why did you want to join?

My amazing PT Beth Scott (BodybyBeth) recommended Women’s Business Station on Instagram just at the time I was thinking about starting my own business, she inspired me to join by posting about how much help I could get from WBS.

What was your initial meeting with one of our Enterprise Facilitators? What were the things in your business plan that you need help or advice on?

I met with Lauren & basically needed help with everything, I had a basic business idea but not a clue how to start a business.

Following from that meeting, what did you focus to work on the most?

 Mainly my offering and who I was looking to have as my target customer.

Given the lists of actions and advice you received, what tasks have you ticked off? How did it make you feel knowing that you now had a plan of what you needed to do, to get your business up and going?

 It was amazing, I felt so excited & I would never ever have managed on my own!

 Every time I meet up with Lauren or Kate and I get more things to do, I always make a list and get them all ticked off, but I LOVE a to do list, they are essential to me and my business.

Has there been anyone in the WBS Community that you’d joined arms with? What has been some of the major benefits of being in this group of like-minded business women?

I just love all the WBS social media groups I’m in and if I’m ever needing a help with anything I can just post it in the group and someone always helps me.

If you could jump back in time, what advice would you give yourself just as you were starting off in your business journey?

 I wish I had been a bit more assertive at times in the very early days and confident in my own abilities. (I am confident and assertive in normal life; this was just so far out my comfort zone).

Have you taken part in any of the courses, workshops or made use of any Empowerment Partner offers?

I’ve been on quite a few of the online workshops and last week I attended the Member Networking event at the Selkie & that was amazing to meet so many lovely people, and I’ve since connected with quite a few of them on Instagram too.

In 2022, what do you want to achieve (once we understand this, we can then add a little bit to the case study which simply lists how WBS can support this business to achieve this goal)

Would just like to deepen my client relationships and grow my business further.

Did you set up your business during COVID? What have you faced because of this?

I set up my business Sept 2021 so lockdowns were thankfully over but due to the nature of my business I can work from home anyway.

Would just like to thank everyone at WBS for all their help and support especially Kate & Lauren & to you Shonagh for selecting me to do this, I really feel so lucky to have this opportunity.

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