Women’s Business Station – Membership Options

The main reason to join Women’s Business Station as a member is to be part of a community of likeminded women, have access to member to member and Empowerment Partner offers and have support when you need it.

We share lots of business opportunities with our community across our three pillars of  training, trading and talent sharing.

Whatever stage you are at in your business journey, Women’s Business Station invites you to be part of an engaging, supportive business community that will enable, equip and empower you in your business and in life!

Our membership offer is open to ALL women who want to start, build or grow a business. Providing access to a community of likeminded women, and a growing range of activities and opportunities designed to help you reach your goals.

To chat about which offer is right for you, please send us an email to:  info@businessstation.co.uk
Download our Place of Possibility brochure HERE
  • Exploring Your Business Idea

    Our Exploring membership is a free subscription to our monthly newsletter, designed to keep you updated on our upcoming events. You will also be invited to join our Women’s Business Station Community Facebook Group and will have access to our monthly Open to All Networking Events.

  • Annual Membership

    £20 Yearly

    If YOU are ready to bring your business idea to life or ready to grow your business on its existing journey – then a WBS membership is for YOU.  For ONE ANNUAL FEE of £20 you will have access to a one stop shop of OPPORTUNITIES that will help launch and grow YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

    We are all about the socio-economic empowerment of women.

    Building confidence, community and connection under our 3 pillars of Training, Trading and Talent

    With our new premises in the Wellgate Shopping Centre, Dundee – the Place of Possibility (PoP) – we are able to share with you an amazing array of opportunities:





Empowerment Partner

Bespoke Offer

What is an Empowerment Partner?

An Empowerment Partner is a forward-thinking, innovative organisation offering a professional service which can benefit start-up businesses and those who are aiming for growth and increased productivity.

As an Empowerment Partner, you will work in partnership with WBS and our other Empowerment Partners to support the socio-economic empowerment of women in business.

Are you:

  • Willing to get actively involved in the development and delivery of our programmes?
  • Able to think ‘outside the box’?
  • Invested in your people and your community?
  • Committed to enhancing your CSR?
  • Willing to meet and connect with a wide range of individuals?
  • Willing to provide support to our members?

As part of our membership model, we are creating opportunities for a minimum of five businesses in our first year to join our movement as an Empowerment Partner. This involves a minimum of two years’ commitment in return for a socially impactful and commercially rewarding package. Your commitment will include a financial contribution, professional advice, training and active participation with our events.

For more information please contact – info@businessstation.co.uk

  • Current Partners
  • Leisure
  • Digital
  • Legal
  • Property
  • Media
  • Banking
  • Construction Engineering
  • Care
  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Chartered Accountants and Business Mentors
  • Business
  • Learning & Development
  • Available Opportunities
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Academia
  • Retail


  • D&A College

    Learning & Education

    We are delighted to join forces with the incredible Women Business Station to offer a much needed skills support for the Women of our Region.

    We believe that every women, no matter their age, race or background should have access to the skills and training they need to achieve their dreams and we are proud to partner with women’s business station to make this happen.

    Our goal is to bolster the incredible work that is already being delivered by enhancing the training on offer with technical and accredited training so that all attendees leave feeling empowered with the right skills.

  • McLaughlin & Harvey

    Construction Engineering

    McLaughlin & Harvey Construction Limited

    McLaughlin & Harvey is a family run building and civil engineering business that has been operating for 165 years across the UK. We provide a full construction service, including design and build, civil engineering and facilities management.

    Delivering quality, cost effective solutions within a safe and considerate working environment, we have combined traditional values with an innovative approach.

    We are committed to delivering exceptional infrastructure whilst shaping the communities in which we work. Demonstrating a unique range of expertise, McLaughlin & Harvey deliver innovative and sustainable projects which leave a positive impact on local communities and environments.

  • Jamie McBrearty Coaching

    Personal Development & Coaching

    It is a privilege and honour to support the mission of the Women’s Business Station to inspire, educate, support, and empower females in business and in life.

    Our vision is to improve the quality of lives across the world by improving the quality of thoughts in each person we coach.

    We do this by providing fun, interactive, challenging, and thought-provoking bespoke training programmes through inspiring and engaging experiences.

    We believe in everyone’s potential, whether that be individual or organisation.

    We also believe that Women’s Business Station has the potential to massively impact on individuals and organisations across Scotland, UK and eventually, the world.

    The synergy between our values and WBS is an exciting partnership that has potential to change lives across the world.


    Balhousie Care Group

    Balhousie Care Group is one of Scotland’s leading providers of care, with 26 Balhousie Care Homes throughout the country, where our 1000 residents are cared for by over 1500 colleagues.

    As an employer of predominantly women, we recognise the huge contribution women make to business, communities and the wider economy. We are proud to be collaborating with Women’s Business Station to empower women to overcome barriers they face and achieve their full potential.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland

    Banking Empowerment Partner

    The Rose Review published in 2019 identified a variety of barriers that some women face when deciding to start a business. Some of these include access to finance, confidence and knowing where to go for support and guidance. The Royal Bank of Scotland have worked closely with Women’s Business Station since its inception as they are a brand who really focus on these areas.

    Angie and the team do a fantastic job of building an inclusive, informative community where no matter what stage of your business or idea you are at they can offer support and guidance through various partners and this is something the Royal Bank are passionate about.

    We champion potential, helping people, families and businesses to thrive and believe that Women’s Business Station are an integral part of making this happen with women in business.


  • Dundee & Angus Chamber of Commerce

    Dundee and Angus Chamber of Commerce

    We are the leading business membership organisation in Dundee & Angus and part of the worldwide long-established Chamber of Commerce brand. We have over 800 members who between them employ over 67,000 people. We work hard to help provide members with the business connections and opportunities they need to flourish.

    We represent our members’ views and use our collective voice to influence opinion makers. We are passionate about Dundee and Angus and promote it as a world class destination, helping the local business community to thrive.

    Chamber members have a real say in how our organisation is run. The President, Vice-Presidents and Non-executive Directors of our board are all drawn from and elected by members. Our board makes strategic decisions for the chamber and ensures that it continues to grow and prosper.

  • D.C. Thomson

    DC Thomson is a private company and one of the leading media organisations in the UK. It is headquartered in Dundee, Scotland, with a London base in the world-famous Fleet Street. The company publishes newspapers, magazines and has diversified into new media, digital technology, retail and television interests.

    The DC Thomson Group includes global genealogy company Findmypast, leading IT business services provider Brightsolid, multimedia studio Beano Studios and, alongside DC Thomson Media, magazine publishers Puzzler Media and The Stylist Group.

    DC Thomson is an established family enterprise that has origins in the entrepreneurship of William Thomson in the early 19th century when the firm’s main business was in shipping. During the mid-19th Century, the Thomson family invested in publishing, taking an interest in the Dundee Courier and buying it in 1886. At that stage there were two major publishing houses in Dundee, the other was run by Sir John Leng. In 1905, the Thomson and Leng firms merged under the leadership of William Thomson’s son David Couper (D.C.) Thomson.

    Throughout the course of the 20th Century, DC Thomson became one of the UK’s leading publishers. The diversification of the business today highlights the entrepreneurial flair of the firm.

    The company currently has four directors, Christopher HW Thomson, Richard Hall, Andrew F Thomson and David Thomson, all of whom are descendants of the founder. Other members of the Thomson family continue to work within the business.

  • Steedman and Company Ltd

    Steedman & Company are a firm of certified chartered accountants and business mentors.  We have a pro-active team dedicated to helping start-up businesses get ready and to market.  We assist you in gaining access to grants and funding all whilst ensuring tax efficiency.   (Plus we are pretty nice people who love dogs)


    Lindsays is delighted to join Women’s Business Station as an empowerment partner to continue to support its work of giving female entrepreneurs the structure, know-how and inspiration to achieve success.  Lindsays started the journey with the Coca Cola 5 by 20 initiative and we have seen it grow and expand under Angie De Vos’ leadership.  The programmes run by Women’s Business Station, including the tried and tested FasTRACK model will extend and build on the achievements of 5 by 20; continuing to help women break out of traditional moulds and driving progress on obstacles such as underrepresentation at senior levels and the gender pay gap.  We are delighted to be involved and look forward to working closely with Angie and the team.

    Kate Wyatt – Employment Partner

  • MTC are one of Scotland’s fastest growing web development companies. The business is passionate about working with other ambitious Scottish companies and understands that a good digital strategy can be the difference between success and failure for any start-up in todays modern world. Working with Business Station we will have the opportunity to be introduced to a wide variety of start-ups in our local area and helping them on their journey to becoming both successful businesses in their own right as well as key future clients of MTC.