NEW Book Launch by Liz Oliver – Fastracker 2018


(A simple, practical and profound approach to mastering change)


The start of any new year is typically a time for thinking anew, and even more so at the start of a new decade. Yet despite our initial enthusiasm and grand plans, our great intentions tend to fizzle out more often that we would care to admit. If this happens to you, do you criticise yourself or shrug your shoulders and say ‘it just wasn’t meant to be’ or rationalise why it wasn’t that important anyway? Have you ever really considered what’s behind these common patterns of behaviour? How many of us really understand our relationship with change? This is what The Change Equation is all about.

The Change Equation provides a framework for understanding how to maximise our engagement in any change and how to minimise resistance. It takes into account all aspects of our humanness – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I started working with personal change nearly 30 years ago to get myself out of a very deep hole and several years later, this led to a career change. When I heard about the CocaCola 5by20 programme I had left employment and been running my own business for a couple of years, though was still relying on contract work from my old employer to pay the bills. I had already completed the draft of a book, but had no idea how to get it out there. I still felt like a business numpty.

One of the great benefits I found from doing the FastTrack was fully recognising that marketing is not a dirty word. Communicating the key messages about my work was essential and I really wasn’t doing it well.

To cut a long story short, I went on from the FastTrack to do the 3 month Accelerator programme (run by Elevator) and at the end of that reached the conclusion that I needed to rewrite my entire proposition. That meant scrapping the previous version of the book and starting again. It also meant rewriting the entire set of accompanying materials that I had prepared. Despite the challenges with all of this and the significant investment in time and energy, it was without question the right thing to do.

What has emerged in The Change Equation is a simple and memorable way to think about your relationship with change. You can dip into it in small chunks or go deep into it, complete all the personal application activities and find out what it really takes to unleash your magic! It is not so much a passive read as a life’s work…

The Change Equation is available on Kindle through Amazon for £4.99 or if you prefer you can wait for the print copy, which will be available in February.

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