Women's Business Station aims to be “The first stop to the best start” for women looking to start, build or grow a business

Working together to give you the best start to your business journey.

Since May 2017

801 Women

Have participated in our programmes and 243 have entered into positive pathways such as education, career progression and volunteering

An impressive

209 women

Have launched a new business & 168 women are growing a business

New jobs created



£10.4 M

of local economic benefit

  • Our Mission

    Our mission:

    To support the socio-economic empowerment of 10k women by 2030.

    To do this we have created three themes: Training | Trading |Talent


    Training – Bringing an annual calendar of practical business and enterprise training courses, workshops, seminars, masterclasses, networking, coaching and mentoring solutions.

    Trading  – Bringing a range of trading related activities, which includes Pop-Up shops, markets, referrals, focus groups and NEW for 2020 E-Commerce.

    Talent – Giving you the chance to share your unique talent and promote your services on our open access digital portal and ongoing marketing campaigns.

  • Our Vision

    Women’s Business Station are “The first stop, to the best start” for women looking to start, grow or build a business in Scotland. 

    We exist to make starting and staying in business possible and accessible to women regardless of their economic status or background.

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  • Empowerment

    Empowerment is at the heart of everything - we believe that you know what is best for you

  • Personal Growth

    Our core belief is the potential to become the beautiful beautiful person that resides within each of us

  • Participation

    Participation increases opportunities and creates action

  • Community

    Community engagement and cohesion creates positive social and economical outcomes for all

  • Training


    Our Training theme is designed to Engage, Empower, Equip and Enable women to prosper in their business and personal development. Our members will benefit by engaging in a range of outcome based training and educational activities created in response to their needs. Designed and delivered in-kind by local and national business owners, professionals and consultants, we are creating a perpetuating support cycle that generates positive growth, collaboration and prosperity for all.


    We are committed to providing all our members with access to an annual programme of supportive practical business and enterprise training courses, workshops, coaching, mentoring, networking opportunities and events.

  • Trading


    Our Trading theme is designed to give you practical experience that will shape learning, introduce design thinking and encourage decision making. It aims to enhance the sustainability and longevity of each new or growing women-owned business. This will in turn will build a stronger more vibrant and independent community.


    You will have access to a range of trading related activities that will increase your knowledge and support your products and service development.

    • Trading Events & Markets
    • Pop-up Shops
    • Meet the Buyer
    • Introductions, Referrals, Recommendations
  • Talent


    Our Talent theme is designed support the promotion and connectivity of our members in one place, providing you with a listing in our directory and access to a wide range of membership benefits.  The digital portal will offer instant access to those seeking a range of talent, training and services.  This will provide a more open and inclusive space for external and internal businesses and stakeholders to engage and support local talent.


    Through the development of a digital portal that is accessible to all we will harness the combined talent of our members and promote this without limitations.

    • Trade and Talent Directory & Database
    • Referrals/Recommendations/Introductions
    • Preferred Supplier Incentives
    • Shared Marketing Promotions
    • Safety and Regulatory Support