Women’s Business Station exist to make starting and staying in business possible and accessible to women regardless of their economic status or background. Our mission is to support the socio-economic empowerment of 10k women by 2030.

A Women’s Business Station membership gives you access to business workshops, masterclasses, courses, networking, 1-2-1 support, marketing & promotion, trading opportunities and much more.

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We do things differently in an effort to ensure that you are supported and in control of your journey every step of the way. But first, let us tell you about our journey…

The First Steps

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in empowering women, Angie has a deep rooted understanding of the day to day barriers that face women in business, not only in Scotland but Dundee itself.

Yes, there are places to go, organisations to approach and grants to apply for but we were driven by a goal to make the execution and delivery of business support clearer and more approachable, making a tangible impact on the women themselves, and the communities in which they live and work.

Most of all, we wanted to create a programme which inspired women to see and fulfil their potential, gain ongoing support and become part of something bigger.

Asking ourselves who could provide this support, and solve the challenges women were facing, the answer was clear – those who are already running businesses in our community.

Industry led, supported and driven, we went on to develop a series of short courses and the ‘FasTRACK to Business Success’ course, a one-week programme of experiential learning.  Unlike some of the longer-term training programmes offered nationally, our programme helps women identify their vision and values, building their confidence and providing them with local support to make things happen. The week culminates in a ‘pitch day’ when the women make their case to a panel of local business leaders and, in return, receive guaranteed support and advice to help them take the next steps on their journey. And it works both ways! – over 60 individuals have joined our support panel to date, with many more looking to get involved.

But the support doesn’t end there. Our thriving mentoring programme matches mentors with members, making a significant impact on the mentee’s confidence and business skills. In turn, the mentor can make huge strides in his/her personal development, encouraging them to question their own business and practices.

Last but by no means least, our women enjoy endless networking opportunities and an online support forum for day-to-day challenges.

The First Stop to the Best Start – Women’s Business Station was born

With the Dundee programme officially ending on 31 December 2019, the time came to consider our future and legacy.

Having taken the programme beyond Coca-Cola’s initial objectives, we fully embraced the next phase on our journey, with a vision to extend it throughout Scotland, in the shape of Women’s Business Station!

Continuing to support our core target market through training and networking, we focused on creating a commercially viable and sustainable model, including the creation of vibrant entrepreneurial hubs sparking economic growth, new jobs and opportunities.

Put simply, with the evidence and results clear to see, we are here to support you whatever your business goal, whether it’s turning a hobby into a micro-business or embarking on a more ambitious plan. We can promise you’ll be inspired, not just by your training peers, but also by those delivering the training and your mentors.

We took our training out into the wider world, providing the FasTRACK programme to businesses looking to engage more effectively with their communities. After all, when your community prospers, so does your business!

Women’s Business Station now

We have membership packages to suit the needs of everyone and a presence throughout Scotland. Our community is ever growing and although covid-19 was a challenging time for many, Women’s Business Station were here to support members throughout this time, helping members adapt and pivot their businesses, making them aware of the funding available to them and generally offering a support system to members.

We have lofty ambitions for the future, aiming to help improve the socio-economic empowerment of 10k women in business by 2030. We strive to continuously improve the services we offer and deliver to our members and hope to continue to support women in business for as long as the service is needed.

What’s Your Destination?

So, what’s your destination and can we help you reach it? Absolutely.

We are driven by your needs. There are no black and white instructions or rigid objectives – your destination, and the pace you choose is down to you. What’s clear is that Women’s Business Station will inspire and support you to achieve your business goals and have a positive impact on your life, and your community.

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