Personal brand in a small business – MENA Photography and Hollie Irvine of Highbeat Digital Collaborate!

One of the benefits of becoming a part of the WBS Community is being able to collaborate with other members. We’re so excited to see members Marlena of MENA Photography and Hollie working together to create some fantastic branding photographs for Hollie’s business, Highbeat Digital.

Wanting to learn more about Marlena’s personal branding photography? Continue reading for some great guidance from Marlena.

Personal brand in a small business.

If we had a chance to meet, you will know that I’m very passionate about personal branding. I believe that it’s one of the most powerful tools you can use to promote your business. You may be well aware of the topic, or you may think what in the world it has to do with you. If you’re in the second group, I hope this post will help you grasp the idea of personal branding and shed some light on the power of your own brand.

What is a personal brand?

A personal brand may seem like a new buzzword but it’s been with us for a long long time. My favourite definition of the term is simply the way you make others feel. How people react to you, what they say about you when you’re not around. As the name suggests it’s all about the person, it’s about you. Not only the way you talk about yourself, but also about your actions and how people perceive you.

We can easily say that everyone has a personal brand. You, me, your best friend, your favourite/least favourite dentist, your solicitor – everyone. You don’t have to be famous, or run a business to have one. However, if you’re a recognised person having a brand really helps. It makes you known for things you value.

Every brand is unique and attracts a unique audience. Think of Oprah Winfrey or Jeff Bezos. Each person is valued for exceptional achievements and makes us feel a certain way. They definitely have their personal brands sorted, but they weren’t created overnight. It takes time.

Personal branding is almost like dating, you should focus on highlighting your highest values and being authentic. Creating an unrealistic impression won’t take you far, both in dating and personal branding 😉

Personal brand in a small business.

As I mentioned before, you don’t have to run a business to have a personal brand. However, if you are a business owner, personal branding really helps. You become known for certain values and qualities. Your clients recognise you and your business easily. You’re more visible and trustworthy. Most of all, your business becomes more human.

Let’s look at two same-service-based businesses and you’re booking them for the first time. You’re not their client yet but you’re just about to decide. They are at a very similar location, quality of their service is almost identical, pricing structure – the same. What makes you choose between the two? Would you go for the business that you managed to find more information about? Their history, people and mission? Or, would you risk booking “a complete stranger”?

In general, we tend to go back to places/people that we know and we can connect with. We simply feel safer. How does it relate to you, personal branding and your business? Here comes your chance to take the first step and help your new client decide. Creating a personal brand with intention and clarity will make their buying decision easier and faster. It will sound a bit cliché but people buy from people, not some anonymous personas. That’s why we see such a huge increase in influencer marketing. You’d rather follow the recommendation of the person you know and trust, not a general ad targeting you across different platforms. Your business and your brand can become a trusted choice too. You just have to start building your online and offline presence. Be there for your clients, be consistent, be intentional – the results may surprise you!

Is it worth it?

I get it, you may be all fed up with this personal branding talk. You come across this topic almost everywhere, especially in marketing. I also know that as a business owner you have so many things on your head and the list just keeps building up. The good news is that you already have a brand. Just think if you’d like to tweak it a bit, or leave it the way it is.

Your clients have numerous choices and your personal brand may be the only deciding factor why they choose you over some other businesses.

You make your business unique.



Ready to find out what personal branding photography can do for your business? If you’re looking for a photographer working in Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and across the UK, feel free to get in touch. I’ll help you be more visible in your brand.

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