Share Warmth-a-thon aims to raise 1,000 hours of volunteering this autumn

Scottish brand The Tartan Blanket Co. is teaming up with non-profit Social Good Connect to launch their inaugural volunteering event, the Share Warmth-a-thon, this October.

Both TBCo. and Social Good Connect are encouraging people to donate an hour or more of their time in a bid to collect 1,000 hours of volunteering, with sign-ups opening on Monday 4th October.

Each volunteer can donate as much or as little time as they want, and are free to choose whether they volunteer virtually or in person.


Caroline McKenna, Founder and CEO at Social Good Connect said:  “Our aim is to generate 1,000 pledged hours of giving throughout October. It’s the chance for people to reconnect with their sense of purpose and make a positive difference to someone’s life”.


Those taking part in the Share Warmth-a-thon will pledge their time to a charity of their choice or be paired with one based on their skill set, lending their skills or passion to a good cause.


“One of our goals with the Share Warmth-a-thon is to redefine what it means to be a volunteer,” Caroline continued. “In addition to the all-important traditional type of opportunity, we want to show that volunteering can be really flexible, and more creative, approachable and easy than people tend to imagine.


“We’re looking for people to donate a warm slice of time – it can be as simple as an hour online, sharing skills you already possess, or as creative as helping charities brainstorm fundraising events! A small amount of time can make such a huge difference, but we also encourage people to donate as many hours as they can.”


Emma Macdonald, Co-founder and CEO of The Tartan Blanket Co. said: “We are excited to be launching the share-warmth-a-thon this October as we head into our big gifting season. We want to help people give back too and share the Christmas spirit with others, helping to have a positive impact in their community.


“We’re all about sharing warmth in every sense of the word. While The Tartan Blanket Co. is busy weaving the snuggliest blankets, Social Good Connect is sharing the feeling of warmth through social impact. We’ve joined together so you can join in too, working together towards a warmer, kinder, more sustainable future”.


Wool-enteers can participate in the TBCo. x Social Good Connect Share Warmth-a-thon movement by signing up here:


Carolina McKenna from Social Good Connect is a Women’s Business Station community member. It is great to see Tartan Blanket Co. support Social Good connect to generate 1,000 hours of giving throughout October and we wish them every success.


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