Sook-cessful Trading Opportunity for the Women’s Business Station Members 

We come to a close on a very busy summer here at WBS. It has been great to finally get back to face-to-face trading opportunities. We successfully re-imagined the high street experience with 18 female entrepreneurs.  

Sook presented us with a unique trading opportunity and we did everything we could to bring this project to life in a very short time.  

The space truly transformed every day. From VIP press events to homeware filled shelves to luxury chocolate enticing people through the door and some quirky doggy leads and harnesses. Do to the clever design and fit out of the space, this meant we could completely reimagine the space in a matter of minutes.

From raising brand awareness and meting customers face-to-face to increasing social media following and finding lots of future opportunities off the back of the time here, everyone enjoyed the experience. One brand made a usual month’s worth of sales in just one weekend! One brand was approached by the local newspaper to be interviewed for a feature piece focused solely on them and one member was even brought to tears when they saw their products on display in such an elevated space.

This trading experience, whether a brand first or a few steps outside their comfort zone was a huge success for all involved.

As we head into Autumn there are many more opportunities in the pipeline which we cannot wait to share. 

Sook Spaces give national brands meaningful ways to connect with local communities and provide local companies with affordable access to their high streets. Sook’s hourly rental model and adaptable solution offers optimised pop-up space and the only available stepping-stone between a pop-up and a full-time commercial lease that is out of reach for many businesses.

Take a look at some of the feedback we received from some of our members who retailed in the space. 

Sophie McEwan – Quince & Cook

Jolene Guthrie – Jo-Ami


Below: a selection of some of the incredible designs which were available to purchase in the space and some of the networking opportunities across the two weeks.

Our four membership offers are open to ALL women who want to start, build or grow a business. Each one provides a fantastic range of activities and opportunities designed to help you reach your goals.

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