Running a business is one thing but to launch a second during lockdown was quite an achievement for Donata Kick from Perth.



Donata, an expert in Advanced Biostructural Correction, runs a clinic in Perth, ‘untangling clients’ skeletal structure, helping with mobility, posture and pain relief.


Launching in early 2018, Donata embarked on Women’s Business Station’s week-long FasTRACK course in October 2019.



“I’m an expert in my field but wasn’t an expert in running a business, so the course appealed to me greatly. As well as providing me with some important business skills, I became part of a really warm and supportive business community.”


Donata later opened brand new premises in Perth, tripling her revenue over the next six months. Then lockdown struck and the clinic was forced to shut overnight.  Despite serious concerns for her business, Donata went into recovery mode, embracing the many training and networking opportunities Women’s Business Station was offering.


“I probably took part in around 80% of Women’s Business Station’s activities during lockdown. The learning and personal development journey I have been on is just amazing, with literally hundreds of hours of Zoom calls. They’ve been the ideal one-stop resource, sparking lots of synergies between different businesses and supplying all the relevant information we needed to get through lockdown.”


Donata’s link with Women’s Business Station also proved a catalyst in launching a side business. Having enjoyed making unique and beautiful artwork from ‘found materials’ as a hobby, Donata embarked on the organisation’s new online ‘Exploring Your Vision’ course. In a matter of weeks ‘Art in the Attic’ was born.




“Lockdown was the perfect time to launch Art in the Attic as it gave me the push to make it work. I’d always enjoyed making gifts for birthdays and Christmas but it appears that there’s a wider market to tap into here.  I would never have considered launching this as a business before but the situation we were in and Women’s Business Station’s support made it happen.”




Art in the attic – Perth

Renew your body – Perth