Tailor made solutions, training, workshops and much much more.

As a business leader you will no doubt be continually looking for ways to improve your in-house training and also your community relationships. We can provide the opportunity to deliver both.

Women’s Business Station has a proven track record of delivering a range of programmes which achieve fantastic results.

What makes us unique? Our approach…. We deliver practical, relevant and relatable content in a relaxed and friendly style.   We believe the key to successful learning is to feel welcome, involved and to have fun.  All our training programmes have practical activities and games – yes games, so be prepared to get involved and have fun!

Our core programmes are listed below, but we can do so much more, if you have a specific need within your business, we have the resources to deliver your goals.

It all starts with a conversation:

  • We will listen to your needs
  • Research your sector, issues and opportunities
  • Discuss your objectives
  • Plan your training with one of our experts
  • Review the course materials with you in advance
  • Deliver the training
  • Gain course feedback from attendees
  • Review training, amend if required
  • Review with you to ensure objectives have been met


WBS Training Brochure

  • People

    • Speaking with confidence, presenting styles
    • Building confidence in yourself
    • Understanding others, personality profiles
    • Mental health awareness and business strategy
    • Holistic treatments such as, meditation, reiki, crystal therapies
    • Work station review, massage therapies in the workplace
  • Business

    • Sales strategy, various courses available
    • Project management
    • Your businesses “Social Impact”
    • Social media platforms, setting up, reviewing success and implementing new plans
    • Website algorithms and optimisation
    • Customer profiling
    • Customer empathy mapping
    • Creating vision, mission, values for your business
    • Growth strategy and mindset
    • Innovation, new ideas and projects
    • Podcasts
    • Terms and conditions
    • Intellectual property advice
  • Finance

    • Accurate forecasting
    • Profit and loss management
    • Cash flow
    • Financial products for growth