Women’s Business Station Hub

We always listen and respond to our members needs.  In May 2019 we carried out a consultation with 50% of our members about how WBS can help you achieve your business goals.


The top PAINS they face:

  1. Lack affordable premises in the right location
  2. Financial resources and products for start up businesses
  3. Home working can lead to isolation, low self-confidence and impact on productivity
  4. Secure storage constraints, limiting opportunity to bulk buy
  5. Routes to market, challenges are just too big!

The top GAINs :

  1. Affordable access to work space &retail area which is centrally located
  2. Ability to access a network of support in person (not just online)
  3. Shared resources: Admin and Technical infrastructures
  4. Fully accessible, 7 days a week
  5. Professional and welcoming environment with excellent facilities and coffee

Which has led us to create our “Vision” for Women’s Business Station Hub

We aim to create a women’s co-working hub, think tank, retail and social space within a centrally located shopping centre.  We aim to act as a positive catalyst for change and empowerment for women. Working with the business community we will transform vacant, unused retail spaces into vibrant, entrepreneurial hubs that will create inclusive growth, economic independence, new jobs, new opportunities and a clear message that ‘anything is possible if you dare to believe.


Our Future Vision