Tops tips on how to create your own professional video for your business

Producing professional-looking videos for websites and social media not only requires good filming techniques but also being good at editing.

In this session professional filmmaker, Kelly McIntyre will demonstrate how to edit short videos using Adobe Premiere Rush free* editing software suitable for Mac or PC and available as an app on phones.

During this introductory session, Kelly will explain what you need to consider when planning and editing a video sharing her hints and tips for professional-looking results.

There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

“That was really great! Kelly managed to cover all the basics in a short space of time in such a clear way. I’m looking forward to editing my own video project now”

“so many great tips I’m going to take on board for not only editing but shooting and storing my video projects too”

“I’ve never found an editing software that I’ve persevered with, after attending Kelly’s learning session I feel I could use Adobe Rush to make my social media content”

Join us here :

Kelly McIntyre
Photography and Video
Tel: 07742759998

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